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The Only Effective Online GPR Training System

Reduce Training Time by 70%

Need help? Get the training and practice you need safely and cost effectively with Decifer.

Train your own technicians on-site? Using Decifer will reduce your time to revenue generation by 70% saving thousands of dollars.

Decifer is changing the status quo.

This full featured training system delivers an enhanced learning experience by combining high power simulation software,
eLearning modules (Coming Soon) and one-on-one coaching with experienced GPR technicians.
And it can be completed from anywhere.
The result is well-trained technicians who are proficient in concrete GPR scanning methodology, who are ready to work in less than
one-third of the time it would take using traditional training methods.

Three Pillars of the Decifer Training System

In order to produce knowledgeable, proficient GPR technicians, the Decifer System relies on three training pillars:
1. High-powered simulation software, which creates simulations based on real-world scenarios;
2. A series of eLearning courses that cover methodologies, best practices and interpretation;
3. Remote, online coaching by experienced GPR technicians to address any questions or gaps in understanding.

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