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The Ultimate GPR Concrete Scanning Training Course

The ONLY GPR training method using Decifer simulation software. It’s like each student has a radar and can work on 1000’s of different example slabs.

The Decifer Advantage

Hands-On Training: GPR training courses today are heavily weighted towards theory and light on practical training. This is due to the logistical limitations of providing all students with a radar system and then providing a large number of example slabs to demonstrate and practice scanning techniques.

Decifer solves this problem as each student is provided with a computer running Decifer. This provides the student with the opportunity to work on instructor led examples, group exercises and individual practice.

Post Course Learning: Ongoing learning is possible with Decifer. Each student is provided with a Decifer subscription allowing continued practice on an unlimited number of examples, as well as online coaching with your instructor.

Course Detail

Effective use of GPR in Concrete Scanning

Format: A two-day classroom course taught by an instructor with over 12 years field experience.

Who this course is for:
  1. Users of GPR concrete scanning equipment who have taken an introductory course offered by the manufacturer of their equipment, but now feel ill prepared to conquer more daunting scanning jobs.
  2. New GPR technicians that need practical training on how to become a top quality GPR technician that can profitably meet client requirements.
  3. Potential radar equipment buyers that wish to learn about GPR scanning techniques prior to making an equipment investment.
Course content: Usually GPR technicians leave the manufacturer’s introductory class with enough knowledge to handle the equipment. They soon experience that they are lacking experience and therefore confidence in completing more difficult scanning scenarios.

This course will provide you with extensive interpretation training of radar data, using the Decifer GPR Simulator to gain experience without risking errors on actual job sites.

You will learn:
  • Typical structural elements incl. steel reinforcement details found in concrete structures
  • Construction terms (e.g. slab band, corbel, grade beam/tie beam, PT cable, Q-deck, wire mesh)
  • How to get started on a job site and deal with client requirements
  • To recognize the limitations of the GPR equipment (as well as your own)
  • How to choose the best scanning method for your task
  • To develop an effective/profitable work flow
  • Best Scanning Practices including marking methods and standards
  • Interpret radargram data to identify and locate in-slab targets
    • Rebar, conduits, PT cables, Q-Deck and others
  • Marking interpreted data and delineating completed scope of work (spatial extent and depth)
  • To compare advantages of line scans and grid scans
  • Adapting scanning techniques to different construction types and tasks
  • Elements of a good quality client/engineer report
At the end of this course you will be able to continue using Decifer GPR for (5) hours to build your experience even further and interact online with your instructor for up to (2) hours.

2019 Schedule:
Coming this springIDS Facilities, Denver, Colorado

We are building our 2019 schedule now. If you are interested in attending a course let us know here. Attendance is limited.

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